The purposes of medicine is simple, it is to improve or save lives. We have replaced medical competence and leadership once provided by the practicing qualified physicians with mandates from PBMs, private insurers, Medicare and Medicaid, formularies, manufacturers, patent laws and certain FDA regulations.

I passionately believe that physicians should have the ultimate power to exercise their best medical judgement when treating the sick. I believe that we should not cause physicians to become partial in their judgement by chosing only those treatment options that may provide the highest financial returns back to the system.

Empowering the true champions (doctors and their teams) while providing transparency is the only way to saving a greater number of lives.

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We believe the number of people and their unified voices can make a significant difference. Thus, we are limiting donations to $1 per month by each member. 100% of the funds are paid to patients requiring financial assistance. Please join us.


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