Imagine stopping at several gas stations around town to tap off the gas tank in your car with the gas that is badly needed to get you home. But then you find out that you are asked to pay over $1,000 per gallon for the same exact leaded or unleaded gasoline that is sold elsewhere for $3 in your town. Even though, the gas station could be only walking distance from the next one offering you the lower prices.

This is how both pharmacies and medical centers charge the uninsured and underprivileged sick patients in your community for the vital therapies and medicines they need. According to the Mayo Clinic, there have been many recent reports of deaths in patients with Type 1 Diabetes because of the lack of affordable insulin while generic insulin is sold for less than $5 in India but the U.S. citizens have no access to similar generic medications and prices in the U.S.

Simple Medicines is about bringing transparency to the world of medicine.


On the Simple Medicines Podcasts, we discuss how medicine is researched, discovered, funded, and regulated in the global market place.

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